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x86 operating system

MikeOS Main MenuMikeOS is an operating system for x86 PCs, written in assembly language. It is a learning tool to show how simple 16-bit, real-mode OSes work, with well-commented code and extensive documentation. Features:

The code is completely open source (under a BSD-like license), and is written by Mike Saunders and other developers.





The link below contains the source code (see the source and programs directories), along with disk images for floppies/USB keys and CD-Rs in the disk_images folder.

You can write the images to a floppy disk, USB key or CD-R and boot your PC from them to test -- or use a PC emulator such as QEMU, VirtualBox or VMware. See the User Handbook below for a guide. System requirements: minimum 386 PC with a keyboard and 1MB of RAM.

Here are some contributed add-on programs (NOTE: some links may be broken due to the SourceForge transition - they will be fixed):

And projects that use MikeOS:

MikeOS downloads (since version 1.0) as of 28 Feb 2013: 59,215



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MikeOS main menu    MikeOS hangman    MikeOS command line    MikeOS text editor

MikeOS file manager    Cosmic Flight    Coding in progress!    MikeOS on an Eee    The MikeOS mascot



These four Handbooks provide the complete documentation for MikeOS:

Note that the Handbooks are also included with MikeOS, in the doc directory. If you're new to the world of OS development, see our guide: write a simple assembly language operating system from scratch (Serbo-Croat translation).



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